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The Wizard Exploded Cookbook

an American Grimoire

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50s rock 'n roll, alan moore, androgyny, anglo-saxon, art, artistic violence, b movies, banjo, baroque music, bdsm, beat generation, beatle boots, beer, big model, bluegrass, books, bottleneck guitar, buddhism, captain beefheart, carlos castaneda, central audio processing disorder, chelsea boots, classical guitar, clove cigarettes, coca-cola, coen bros., coffee, cognitive dissonance, comics, computer gaming, console gaming, crows, cut-up technique, daffodils, dancing like an idiot, delta blues, dogs in the vineyard, dragonflies, dreams, ed wood, edward gorey, eisley, experimental music, experimental theatre, eyeliner, fedoras, femininity, fiction, film, film noir, fingerstyle guitar, folklore, formalism, frank miller, fred alan wolf, gns theory, grant morrison, groucho marx, guitar, ham, hats, hp lovecraft, improv, indie rpgs, johnny depp, joseph conrad, kill bill, kreteks, literature, lucid dreaming, mad max, magic, mandolin, masculinity, meditation, mountain music, my life with master, narcissicism, neil gaiman, new wave, occult philosophy, old-timey music, pale skin, paradoxes, penguins, piano, pipe smoking, poetry, probability, project gutenburg, prosody, quantum physics, ray bradbury, rifle marksmanship, roguelikes, role reversal, rpg design, rpg theory, rpgs, scarves, schizophrenia, self-discipline, self-indulgence, self-reliance, sepia photographs, silent film, slide guitar, sons of liberty, sorcerer, spoken word, strawberries, sunglasses, surf guitar, table-top gaming, tea, the burning wheel, the color red, the roaring 20s, the victorian era, three piece suits, tim burton, tom waits, transcendentalism, typewriters, voodoo, whiskey, wikipedia, william s burroughs, wine