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Announcing the Tripper


You think you experimented in college? This guy opened the doors of perception, and then the windows of perception, and finally tore up the floorboards of perception and went abseiling through. He came back, sorta, with the knowledge of how to achieve superhuman and supernatural states through the use of hard drugs. Yes, kids, drugs are the answer.



Trippers are either wiry or scrawny. It’s a 50-50 shot, so roll even/odd to determine which.



Drug tolerance.

You can self-administer one dose of hard drugs without overdosing. However, if you have more than one active dose at a time without successful supervision or instruction from a Croaker, you overdose.


Phase trip.

When normal people take a hit of phase, they feel insubstantial, like they’re made of air. When you take a hit of phase, you actually become insubstantial. You can’t be harmed physically while phase-tripping, but you can’t affect anything physically either. You can, however, pass through walls and other solid barriers. Just make sure you’re not in the midst of a solid object when it wears off.

            Phase trips last for 1 turn or a single action sequence. When you come down, you feel really heavy, and are treated as if burdened until you take a break.


Rainbo trip.

Ordinary people take rainbo and just get a pretty lightshow for half an hour. When you take it, you see pretty colors too, but what you’re actually seeing is magic. You gain the ability to see any and all magic energies in the area – ambient ones, those contingent on spells, energies emanating from artifacts, and so on. Big, potent ones you can actually see through walls. With a THINK check, you can identify the function of the magic.

            Rainbo trips last for 10 turns. When you come down, you’re dazed.


Z-ray trip.

When normal people drop z-ray, their vision just gets all weird for a second, then they get a body high. When you take a hit of z-ray, you can, with a SEE check, see through solid objects: through walls, into crates, and, yes, through clothing.

            Z-ray trips last for 10 turns. When you come down, you’re dazed.


Rush trip.

Rush makes normal people talk fast and move in quick, jittery motions. It gives you the ability to run really fast, as fast as a motor vehicle (fast+1).

            Rush trips last for an extended time or a single action sequence. When you come down, you’re exhausted.


Smash trip.

They call it smash because it makes people want to, well, smash things. When you take it, you not only want to smash things, but are extremely capable at it: with a successful HIT check, you can demolish any non-living thing beyond repair.

            Smash trips last for an extended time or a single action sequence. When you come down, you’re exhausted.


Atlas trip.

Atlas is normally used by body builders to maximize their pump. It is abnormally used by you to gain the ability to lift and carry anything on your shoulders, without it slowing you down. Just make sure you’re not carrying, like, a bus when it wears off.

            Also, for all uses of the Comparative Physique table, treat yourself as if massive, then add 1 to the modifier. (So, if you were shoving someone scrawny, you’d get +3; if you were arm-wrestling someone massive, you’d get +1.)

            Atlas trips last for 10 turns. When you come down, you’re exhausted.


Chill trip.

Most people take a chill pill to calm down and cool off. You take them to gain the ability to drop the temperature in localized areas, even to the extent of freezing water and the moisture in the air into ice at will. Make a HIT check to attack someone with it, with damage on the Blunt table for chunks of ice or the Piercing table for wicked icicles. Reach doesn’t apply. You can also make the floor slippery, requiring MOVE checks for people to get across it without falling. Finally, you’re immune to the detrimental effects of cold while chill tripping.

            Chill trips last for 10 turns. When you come down, you’re treated as if suffering from extreme heat until you take a break.


I’ll show you performance enhancers.

When you take any of the performance enhancing drugs (krush, perk, slide, flash, or hero), their effect is doubled for you.


Connection for Tripper drugs.

You have a connection to score your special drugs on your own time. Your supply of 20 hits refills between jobs. They don’t carry over between jobs because you used them all to get high in the downtime.



Weapons: none.

Armor: none.

Holsters: 1.



Fried: -1 to THINK and SEE outside the scope of your tripping powers.


When You Crack

When a Tripper cracks it, all the drug remnants that have piled up in his brain break loose and send him on the worst flashback ever. Everyone appears to him as horrible monsters, and they all think he sucks. At this point, he’s apt to be very unpredictable and violent. He’ll also have unlimited access to the powers granted by the most recent drug he took.


Starting Gear

*            Weird clothes

*            Twenty hits of hard drugs in any combination of the following:

o       Phase

o       Rainbo

o       Z-ray

o       Rush

o       Smash

o       Atlas

o       Chill


Buddy Score Mods

+1 with anyone who has drugs, extra +1 with Croakers. -1 with anyone not in weird clothes.

Tags: madcorp, rpg design
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