Marshall (americanwizard) wrote,

Education, so that people can stop being jackasses

So, I work at a grocery store, in both the grocery and dairy departments.  Today, I was working dairy, and I had a complaint from a customer.  "All of this milk is dated the 15th," she said, "And today is the 5th.  That's not a very long time.  Am I supposed to drink all of that in a week?"

Do you, reader, sympathize or agree with this woman in any fashion?  If so, then odds are that you are a jackass.  Let me explain why, in a point by point fashion.

1.  From the 5th to the 15th is ten days, not a week.  There are seven days in a week.

2.  The date printed on the jug is not the day that it goes bad.  There's no way of telling exactly when it will go bad, but, if unopened, it will be on average two days after the date printed on the jug.

3.  Once you open a jug of milk, it will last for ten days at most before going bad, NO MATTER WHAT IS PRINTED ON THE JUG.  The printed date could be three months from now, but if you open it today, it will be bad ten days from now.

4.  If you can't use a gallon of milk in a week, you should be buying by the half-gallon.  Jackass.

Please spread this information so that people everywhere can stop being jackasses.  Thank you.

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